Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator is the newest massive warfare game where armies are literally limitless.

Will stand whether the chicken against the thousands of zombies? What is Santa to fight with a penguin? Maybe consciousness at least once in your life give you pictures of the epic battle Chuck Norris and stools? If Yes, you are on the right track to a truly unique game with the telling title the Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator (UEBS), in which even the acronym makes you think of interesting turns of phrase.

The developer of Brilliant Game Studios released this game in “open access” with the hope to help the players in refining the indie project, its improvement and further development. Of course, at this stage of the game is not perfect. It requires study and add content, but you just surprised your reactive speed on the display of patches and mods for this promising sandbox game, in which players can play war games, feel the Director of fighting scenes or just recreate one of the iconic battles in the history of mankind (but not exactly). No trash and fumes, of course, nothing happened — the flight to your imagination is practically unlimited gaming possibilities of the simulator. So to do something different, bright and cheerful, you will certainly. Want epic battle at Minas Tirith — please 300 Spartans — easy, orcs vs soldiers of WWII with guns and a nuclear bomb — it will be an unforgettable sight.

The plot, as I’m sure many already have guessed, no. Don’t need one. UEBS game — a huge “sandbox”, the main thing — the ability to create a real epic chaos. There are only two limits — your imagination, the possibilities of your hardware and the version of the game (the developer has big plans).

The game features simple and unpretentious. Before actually watching the battles, you can configure the standard features of units — health, speed, quantity; to work on the environment — choose landscape (3 cards + the test), weather and time of day. Of course, expect a serious tactical strategy is not worth it, you specify only the parameters, and then watch as thousands of soldiers face each other in a bloody mess. The spectacle is often impressive, given that you can put on a fight can be just an insane amount of units — 15000, 100, 000 on one card and more (burned out HDD, replace 2 memory modules, my God, why melts). Where else would they give us so a large army, which, by the way, we can take direct control of any soldier? Just imagine yourself in the heat of such battles: battle cries, the groans, the blood and piles of dead bodies… you can Create even the most incredible battle where one Ilya Muromets say will pave the lanes in the 5-thousand crowd of the zombie madness and only. The heart is filled with delight. There is even the ability to scroll the battle, which is very convenient in the collision of a huge number of troops.

Surprisingly, with so many units the game’s graphics are not depressing. On the contrary, impresses with a clear picture, worked out the details of armor and magnificent scenery. Animation, of course, not perfect, but with so many soldiers to achieve details almost impossible. Yes, and almost any computer simply will not stand. Now it happens quite often, especially with lots of units on the map. However, these bugs developer promises over time to eliminate. The only advice for early versions of the game — it is not necessary to place many thousands of men close to the rock or wall, otherwise, you’ll lose your troops at all. Well, if the battle get bored — there’s always N. then Click on the screen flaunts a mushroom cloud.

Overall, the game is not for experience — went from nothing to do, created a unit that is duplicated and placed an army on the map. Same thing with enemy troops. And all watching the epic fight. Yes, epic, Yes, cool. But additional tools are not. You can, of course, including their irrepressible imagination, pianist a couple of hours to create a mass army of chickens with unreal persistence and to see how they will peck poor Chuck Norris or pack Terexov. This fuse ends. Want more power over the army. For example, the ability to distribute the units on the points just before the battle, given their characteristics and features, which he himself put down. There’s no need for strategy or tactics scrupulous enough to add as many new types of units, a little advanced of their characteristics, to have more maps and landscapes of access and… masterpiece is ready. Well, of course, be concerned about the performance. Another rescue needed “workshop”. All have been tested a huge number of distortions and combinations that are just waiting for updates. And some even eager to help, realizing that the simulator is developed on unity, and developer one was picking over a potentially great game-simulator. Just for reconstructions need to add a little more different troops and tools.

If this game interest you and you would like to see it revised, with new maps, a detailed study of the characteristics of the warriors and improved control of the fight, you should definitely participate in its development, expressing their ideas on the developer forums or in Steam. Believe me, he will be incredibly happy, because one such project to pull very hard.


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