Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2

Two of the single-campaign Red Alert 2 ended with almost supersonic speed. The Kremlin is in ruins, the brain of psychic-psycho Yuri peacefully floating in the jar, promising to take revenge without fail, and Tanya Adams dances at the presidential reception. Is the fun over?

“No, Сomrad Premiere. It is only the beginning…”

System requirements
Pentium II 266

32 MB

Recommended requirements
Pentium II 350

64 MB

Anyway, as Westwood definitely knows how to write correct code for multiplayer games! Being a well-functioning test in the previous games C&Cseries, the network part in Red Alert 2 works like a clock, providing a normal game even when six to eight participants and stoically tolerates evil Russian logs. Only disappointment is the inability to fight together through the modem (especially relevant in places where the Internet is still rationed), however, the developers already know and write the appropriate code. While our less lucky fellow without Internet waiting for their turn to unleash nuclear the hammer on the head of pals, let’s see how the game fared with balance.

“Diversity — the key to success”, — think the developers and is already familiar of the two warring sides have done… nine. Instead of abstract allies appeared the U.S., UK, Korea, France and Germany, and to help the Country Councils in the difficult task of planting communism in a row Cuba, Libya (!) and Iraq (!!!). No, do not worry for the health of the developers — the guys didn’t bother coming up with eight completely different sets of units and buildings. Everything is much easier — each country differs from the neighbor to the military unit only a single unit, the building or “feature”. The United States can “free” drop troops, the French —to build unwieldy Grand Cannon, the Germans — – armor tanks, useless against light infantry, Koreans — Black Eagle Jets (same F/A-18 Hornet, like the others, really), and the British produce snipers. Have red comrades set interesting. The Libyans… right-right, that else they can do except bombs Demo Trucks? Iraqi troops are equipped with Desolator’AMI — these guys are capable of to create a radiation field, killing infantry and damaging technique. Cuba produces cheap (at $200 apiece) terrorists with bombs, and Maza rush — Tesla Tanks.

I think it is necessary for somebody? Right, anyone. In most cases victory is achieved by the use of quite ordinary units (except that sometimes you can surprise the enemy with a nightmare called “Demo Trucks + Iron Curtain”, but this is the exception rather than the rule), or combinations thereof. You want to know how is everyone’s favorite “rush”?

At the request of viewers

“Tank rush” alive. In theory. That is, you can build ten minutes medium size tank column and send to the enemy base, but there you probably will have to wait for Rocketeers or devilishly quick Terror Drones. This, of course, assuming your opponent —smart man…

For a company with tanks was ordered to live and took out all Tiberian Sun “engineer rush”. It turns out, it was enough to withdraw from use underground transports, and all was well. Of course, on the ground to get the enemy base nobody forbids, but agree that this is not an example of problematic.

In the absence of such, I may say, “strategies”, people have to improvise. Take, for example, Allied IFV —inconspicuous, seemingly armored car with weapons “air-land”, and how he areas of application! Planted to, say, engineer —it turning into familiar yet at Tiberian Sun repair truck. Stuck Chrono Legionnaire —and some of the resulting truck can easily jumping around the map, wiping the enemies out of time with the truly terrible speed. IFV with a sniper in the right hands leads to enemies horror worse than Tanya Adams. Of course, to bring all possible combinations unreasonable, — why spoil the surprise?

Former previously completely useless spies are now able not only steal money from enemy bases, but also steal the blueprints from the Battle Lab to increase the “pricechannel” our troops by visiting the enemy Barracks, turn off power and to blind the radars. The latter, incidentally, against the computer not work —as before, the bastard remembers map and not miss the moment of a nuclear strike. But opponent-the person you will hear a lot of nice, because now RA2 appeared familiar since the times of ancient shooters taunts.

Blow it up

Speaking of the superweapon. A clear imbalance. Allied Weather Machine is a much more dangerous toy than a nuclear missile. Aptly running the storm in the state to demolish some buildings like War Factory, not mention temporary radar blindness, death, caught in the radius defeat the infantry and the wild braking on low-end computers. Evil atom in comparison with this horror much more merciful. Will See The Weather Machine, — take out immediately (good that now even the Gap Generator is unable to hide particularly dangerous buildings)! But Chronosphere is no damn good, except for innocent entertainment, like the transfer of the impact forces of one of the enemies in base to another.

Then in my ear whispering about jokes telepathically controlled cows, alligators, monkeys and bears, joyfully bearing on the enemy’s base bombs, but I’m afraid that trick the General public has managed to crack a couple with jokes about full of paratroopers school bus…

Who wants to dominate?

You bought a box of Red Alert 2? Congratulations, — for you open the server World Domination Tournament, where day and night is the battle for possession of the planet. Dozens of players fighting with each other, determining what color will be painted the next piece of Land. The results summarized every 24 hours, and the victory is awarded to the country, chop off the largest area. What, you don’t have the box? Ay-ay, nekarda. Run to store! It should in fact show the decaying Western players, where, who and how winters!

Patches? Already there, and at least two or three more on the way. Adjustments to balance? Will, do not you doubt. Addons? Ahem. In this place Westwood makes beautiful eyes and asks to give them time to bring multiplayer-part to perfection, but then… Well, Red Alert 2 good even now. Yes, it is mass-POPs, Yes, it is a commercial product, but hell, it’s fun!


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