Command & Conquer Red Alert 2 Westwood Review

This is probably the most famous part of the game. This part combines all the best of the C&C series – humor, interest, variety. RA 2 is a popular part of C&C. it’s no good to chide for the graphics, do not get to criticize for the similarity of units… But more on that later.Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 From the first glance at the game shows that she engine C&C: Tiberian Sun. Yes, the graphics remained the same, but the drawing units were on top. Most of all, perhaps, was struck “Kirov”, a huge flying machine with the smiling face of a shark on the front. Though he was very slow, but the greatness of this airship is struck so that not to build it was something crazy.

The plot of the game was, as it is softer than say, delusional. But this does not negative! He was struck by a mass. Here we capture the US President, and tomorrow we kill the traitor in the center of Moscow. Today we have to defend the chronosphere, and tomorrow – destroying nuclear missiles in Cuba.

As I said in the article on RA, the plot of the second part is not connected with the events of the first part. Rather, it continues the story (after the last battle in RA), but it has little ties with the past. And if RA (I mean the series, not the first part) was to end the presence of Tiberius, the stories of RA 2 no end. The game theme can be developed indefinitely, as here everything is possible – time travel, teleportation, laser weapons, that is all, which is the dream of science fiction. And how it affects the plot…

But, if it (the plot) to be considered in detail, it is this: the Soviet Union (if my memory serves me, the abbreviation of the USSR in the game was not used even once), as you know, is now from Japan to Spain (except England), the West belongs to the Alliance. While the parties are in a fragile truce, but then…

The Alliance forces (at the mention of this word I now have an Association with Half-Life) suddenly notice a huge concentration of Union forces moving to America. The US President is doing the only right, in his opinion, the solution… No, it does not reflect the attack of the Union, and not picking the valiant people of the burgers on the defense of the Motherland, no… He calls the leader of the Union of Romanov (Yes, from the same dynasty) and, almost crying into the phone, said that Romanov promised not to attack, but is interested in the Secretary General? He is not governing itself, and run it… and I want to say “Kane,” but it is directed by Yuri – a little less tenacious Kane this universe (by the way, very much like the Lenin). Actually, that’s the whole plot of the story. Further – more, but I think you already know yourself…

In the gameplay, virtually nothing has changed, except that units added. The point remains the same: build base, build army, destroy enemy. Except that the tab style is added (i.e. separate tab for infantry, private buildings, etc.). Ah Yes, the blue counterpart of Tiberius RA 2 there is gems. From the same Tiberius differ only in texture.

In the last article I have already mentioned Hell March. In fact, in the new part of it to new heights. This “Hell March” remained in my heart. Oh, do not understand the depth of this soundtrack to the youth of today… Just listen to it:

Soon came a hell of a great addition to the “Yuri’s Revenge”, which tells us about how Yuri broke away from the Union and started my hike for the whole world. Well, we, together with Alliance (or Union, looking for anyone to play) interfere with his evil plans. The most important innovation, of course, Yuri and his private army based on psionica.


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