Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2: Overview

Well, got another game from the series C&C. these games are not much different from each other, and Red Alert 2 is almost no different from its predecessors. As in the first part of the USSR at war against the United States. The game’s plot, as usual: first, two mighty powers were allies, but then our amassed troops and went against the Americans. You start playing on a territory of America, no matter which side you chose (after the Soviet Union invaded the former ally and began to smash everything), if you have chosen to play for our people, then you continue the already started business. Well, if you went for Americans, then you will begin with the liberation of America, and finish the defeat of the Soviet Union. Between missions, you see a video that introduces you to the event’s activities.

The graphics in Red Alert 2 the large changes brought, except a little bit was more beautiful than in Tiberian Sun, the explosions have become more drawn, but what about units and buildings – they are, in my opinion, remained unchanged. I just do not understand developers why to release a game with almost identical graphics, if one game over the other for a year (approximately), is not the time for this, if I may say so, shameful graphics, though, look at units, they are drawn just awful. Take a look for yourself.

Now the turn has come gameplay. Well, what can we say, like graphics it big changes has not undergone, it is fully copied from Tiberian Sun. As always, each side has their buildings and units, the units each have a power difference, for example, Americans have a regular infantryman can put around the bags and he turns shoots from cover, and our (I mean by that word, Union) is the killer airshipl that does not require a return to base (if American planes require reload) to reload. Have cakeday side has its own superweapon, it is our nuclear missile, and the Americans have an ion storm. There are several types of ships.

The sound in Red Alert 2. What can be said about him, when you play music, and when you tell units to do something, they are something you always say, I love it when Russian infantry says “FOR the MOTHERLAND”.

What can I say in the end??? Almost needless to say, the game of Red Alert 2 is the sequel to Tiberian Sun and Red Alert. And that says it all!


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