A review of the game Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2

A bit of history

Many players with experience know the firm Westwood. In its interior was created by the great series of games called Dune, the same company released a number of other great strategy games – remember the same series Sommand & Сonquer, Tiberium Sun, Red Alert. For all of these creations came out a lot of Addons that enjoyed playing many fans strategies. However, the owner of Westwood, Virgin inc., became bankrupt, and one subsidiary company (Westwood) could not pull the loss of the entire company. Long Virgin left without buyers, until it acquired the brand Electronic Arts. And Westwood began the continuing development of the strategy Red Alert. Based on the engine from Tiberium Sun and completely redesigned, received a new, impressive real-time strategy.

About the game

With the plot it was a bit easier. 🙂 As old as the world – the Americans (Alliance) reflect Soviet aggression (tips).

Between missions show “live” digitized video, created with the participation of professional actors (which is a rarity in our time).

The game menu is very impressive – against a giant red radar demonstrates the vital moments of the war. Since the beginning of the installation of Red Alert 2 over the ropes, tell you about the different units.

The controls are simple, and almost from the first run everything becomes clear.

Since the first part of there have been many changes. For example, in Red Alert 2 the landscape has changed, and added dynamic objects, i.e., there were piles and pits, and the ability to destroy neutral buildings. We can capture and destroy the homes of civilians, to destroy and to restore the bridges across the river.

The game also uses different types of time (they are dynamic only in the company). We can play at night, morning, afternoon and evening, but coverage will vary depending on the time of day.

In the company we end up in management of unique units not found in an ordinary firefight.

Also a kind word I would like to mention the Russian version voiced by Fargus: the translation is done by just two or three people, but makes a great impression. Mistakes like not seen, although this is not important, even video, and then dubbing dubbed.

The music in Red Alert 2 is just perfect – heavy rhythms at an opportune fit the atmosphere of the toy.

Only now with the network game is not going smoothly. Red Alert 2 uses the old IPX network card. There are also online game (via Westwood server, but, of course, requires a license disk), but about TCP/IP somehow forgotten 🙁 and the modem is not to play…


Overall, the company Westwood tried their best, creating not just another strategy, and a good and interesting game.

The only drawback associated with their “fashionable” installer. It is beautifully made – I do not argue, but under the system with the NT kernel (Win XP,Win2000) for some reason he flatly refuses to work. No compatibility does not help. The only salvation is to install Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 under win98/95, and then play can and from XP.

Also after installation it is recommended to patch the game to version 1.006. Well, to put the No-CD for greater comfort. 🙂

The Soviets (USSR) Buildings

Soviet construction site. Is for the construction of all buildings advice.

Before work can move to more comfortable location base. Tesla reactor. To supply electricity to all database objects. Lack of energy a defensive stop working. Should be placed in hard to-reach enemy. Barack. Used for training recruits (just infantry). This building is necessary to build the initial defense. Factory on processing of elerium. Elerium used for sale (immediately) and is to the benefit of replenishment.

Should be placed closer to the field, where it grows elerium. Plant for the production of mechanical equipment. Should be placed in an easily accessible place for travel equipment. The secret weapon of the Soviets – iron curtain. Able for some time to make immortal technique is a very strong argument for tactical attack or retreat. Another secret weapon – a laboratory cloning. During the construction of any unit in the barracks from the lab out its exact copy. Military laboratory. Is used to retrieve a high-tech and built the most powerful units.

Very expensive, but justify their costs pretty quickly due to the construction of improved technology. Psi sensor. Interesting, but generally useless building. Serves to warn about the attack on the base, and the dotted line marks the exact spot where the targeted enemy unit. Radar. The radar – he and in Africa the radar… Is used for visual display of the maps and illustrations of the movements of her enemy and their own units. The building in addition to its navigational role, has another useful feature – the lack of electricity will immediately cut down the navigation. Nuclear reactor. Very expensive build, but compensate almost immediately. Produces lots of electricity (after building a nuclear reactor you can sell the old Tesla reactors and release a lot of space). A very dangerous building must be located away from the base and barracks, since the destruction of the reactor by the enemy entail very unpleasant consequences: units die almost immediately, and the equipment and buildings are damaged. REM-base. Able to repair any equipment (except that the water floats). Is inexpensive, but takes place. The construction will be justified only in the presence of tanks “Apocalypse” and the need for repair of equipment, defending the base. Builder. Used for construction and repair of all marine equipment. Highly vulnerable to any attacking unit. Before the construction of the shipyard, it is desirable to establish a small defense on places, where it will build the shipyard. Nuclear weapons. A very formidable weapon, capable of inflicting very great damage to the enemy base. Unfortunately his strength was incomparable with the force of a real prototype.

Can destroy only a few buildings, and of any living unit, equipment almost do not damage. 🙁

Is very expensive. The sentry gun. Really dangerous for infantry, imposed a “Bang” in any tank. Low price + fast construction. Ideal for fast and inexpensive construction of the defense perimeter of the base. Tesla ring. Long-range and a very useful weapon for base defense. Very effective against mechanical and living units of the enemy. Disadvantages = high price + large amount of energy consumed + very weak defense. Combined with a 5 Tesla soldiers becomes a truly formidable weapon. Defense. Effective weapon of defense. Is expensive, has weak armor. Should be located behind the main defense of the base. The fence. Completely useless building. Able to stop infantry. Ruthlessly choking of any mechanical appliances (even your thick-headed units can destroy the fence, going from the base).

Worth a penny and built quickly.

Units. Infantry.

Ordinary soldiers. Inexpensive and weakest unit. The exploits can only in the company of their own kind. Ruthlessly choking the enemy vehicles. The only useful feature – the ability to occupy houses on the map and shoot out at enemies. Engineer. This unfortunate mechanic is able to repair completely your building. Can also capture enemy buildings. Among other things can restore the ruined bridge. Is costly to defend, can not quite. Shepherd. Effective against single infantry. The animal is weak, costly. Useful for protection from enemy aircraft. The main usefulness consists in the possibility of free movement along with land appliances. Crazy Ivan. This unit truly insane, a variant of the kamikaze in Russian. Able to plant explosives in equipment and buildings with a view to their complete destruction. Too expensive and die soon (often before you lay the firecracker). Tesla warrior. This guy is a very useful tactical unit. Justifies itself by 100%. As opposed to enemy infantry and enemy ground vehicles. For a marine he’s got very good armor and movement speed. Put this unit near the Tesla ring and it will increase its range and power by several times. You can put several soldiers and the effect of the defense is just gorgeous. Psi warrior. Interesting unit that can take control of enemy equipment. Expensive and does not have protection. Useful in the defense of the base.

Units. Technique.

Harvester. Serves for the Assembly and delivery of elerium to a recycling facility. Unlike its American prototype is in the cockpit machine gun to protect against enemy infantry. The weak and slow. Is unrealistically expensive. Is wont to go the most dangerous route and get into fight with enemy. In case of serious damage may be slow to recover myself. Rocket V3. This mobile missile system is an important tactical weapon in boarding any enemy guarded base. Good range + power. Too weak armor and a very decent price. For a successful removal of the enemy’s construction requires at least two such missiles. Robot horror. The perfect weapon to capture and destroy enemy land units. Kills people instantly technique a little longer (goes inside the tank and it slowly destroys). Is inexpensive, moves quickly. Attack buildings can not. The armor is very weak. Mobile base advice. Very slow unit that can be deployed in “Soviet construction site”. Because of its slowness is a perfect target for the enemy. Is expensive and has average armor. Amphibian. Serves as a vehicle for transporting units across water. Other feats are not capable of. Weak armor, low price. Kirov Airship. Very slow, but very formidable. 90% guarantee the destruction of enemy buildings, even if you have to break through hostile defenses. Is expensive and has good armor.

Perfect for tactical maneuvers when attacking the enemy base. Dreadnought. Something floating. Of lethal force and the slowness is similar to the rocket V3. On Board has just 2 missiles. Ideal for attacking the enemy base, located in the coastal area. Without the protection of other units are killed almost instantly. Expensive. Giant squid. Able to sink enemy ships. Very fast and powerful. Protected weakly against Dolphin Alliance is likely to survive there. Expensive. The sea Scorpion. Air defense on the water. Able to repel enemy aircraft and attack ground targets. It is cheap, weak armor. Submarine. Able to destroy some enemy ships, being unnoticed. Effective against cruisers. Expensive, very slow. Average armor. Tank Rhino. Tank Rhino – analogue on the power of the armor tank of the Alliance. The average strength and armor. Quick, good for a diversion when attacking the enemy base. Crowd, these tanks are able to deliver the enemy a lot of trouble. Tank Apocalypse. A formidable weapon for attack and defence. It has a huge capacity compared to other tanks, good armor + ability to fire at air. Able to repair critical damage. Alone makes any unit of the enemy.

6 tanks with the correct tactics can level the enemy base to the ground. The price is high, but justified. Tesla tank. Expensive and not very effective unit. Able to shoot electricity over short distances. Damage is average, but the armor is weak. Mobile air defense. Can repel enemy aircraft. Also capable of carrying 4 people. Weak armor and high speed. Inexpensive.

Alliance (USA) of a Building

The command center. Is the Soviet analogue of the construction site. Is to build all available buildings Alliance. Barack. Need for the recruitment of infantry. Without it unavailable easy defense and some units. Factory on processing of elerium. Used for Assembly and processing of elerium that you get the bucks. During the construction of this building there is also a harvester to build elerium. Dot. Slight means of defence base. Can easily repel the raids of the soldiers. Against a tank, chances are the bunker is almost none. Inexpensive and fast construction of a means of defense. Cleaning factory. Ideally designed for automatic cleaning of elerium and get more profit. However, to be sure… it Is expensive and only takes place on database. The chronosphere. The invention of Professor Einstein. Able to move equipment from one point to another.

Expensive, slightly reserved. Should be build only in those cases when you intend to throw equipment on poorly fortified positions. The scientific center. Thanks to this building becomes available and more powerful units, and various secret weapons (such as chronosphere etc). The center is expensive, but justified. Device weather control. Another secret weapon built by Einstein. It can be used to create a real storm on the enemy base. The device is very expensive and poorly protected. Power. Supplies electricity to your building. Without electricity will not function defense and radar. Is inexpensive, but the protection of the building weak. Tower-prism. Response to Professor Einstein on technology tips Tesla – tower-the prism. Using refraction of sunlight, this tower is capable of its rays to spread any technique. If there is a few towers, they focus their rays on the first and the result is a very powerful shot. Is expensive and consumes a lot of energy (which is very strange given that she works for the sun), weak armor. Missile patriot. Used for air defense of the base. Extremely effective, as it can even shoot down missiles. Is expensive, but pays for itself quickly. The command center of the air force. A very useful building. Besides the fact that your order is given 4 aircraft, the center of the air force working as a radar and gives you free troops every 5 minutes. Inexpensive. The generator gap. Is a kind of device that is able to hide small section of the map from enemy radar, ie makes permanent “fog of war” in a certain place. Is expensive, but justifies itself. Spy satellite. Costs a lot of money and eats a lot of electricity, but its efficiency is 100%. It all opens a map for you, and allows you to see all enemy movement. War factory. There is various military equipment. Is expensive, but it’s not terrible. Average armor. Builder. The parameters are identical to the Soviet shipyard. A concrete fence. Able to hold the enemy. Almost useless in everyday life. Worth a penny.


A dog fighting. Completely identical to the Soviet dog. The only unit able to detect spies. Engineer. Full analogue of the Soviet engineer. Rocketeer. This flying unit is very interesting because it can shoot only air defense. A small group of flyers can easily make an entire squad of soldiers or a small group of tanks.

Is expensive, the armor is weak. Chronologies. This tactical unit is able to move to any point on the map. In the attack on a building or on any unit it paralyzes him and then “erases”. Very impressive can be used to destroy enemy command center. Is very well and very poorly protected. Soldiers. Unlike their Soviet counterparts, the soldier is able to “dig in” and establish a heavy machine gun, making it 2 times more secure and powerful. Worth a penny, the skills are the same as the Soviet soldier. Spy. It is truly a remarkable unit. It can be used to penetrate into enemy buildings, and then your units will be produced superior by one rank. Is expensive, but worthwhile. Tanya. A very interesting unit. It is a walking death for any enemy infantry, besides she knows how to mine an enemy building. Against the technology is very weak. It is expensive and has almost no protection. Amphibian. Completely identical to the Soviet amphibian. Carrier. A sort of counterweight to the Soviet dreadnought. The ship transporting the aircraft, which then attack target located far away from the ship. In the melee, alas, weak. Is expensive, but has good protection. Dolphin. A specially trained Dolphin, capable of detecting enemy submarines and squid. Effectively defended only in the group. Is cheap, the armor is weak. The Aegis Cruiser. Marine air defense that can shoot down enemy aircraft. Is expensive and unnecessarily weak. Destroyer. A very effective weapon against enemy submarines and squid. Worth moderate. A transport helicopter. Can quickly transfer a small group of soldiers to any place on the map. Expensive, weak armor. BMP. Very interesting and useful unit. After its construction is the usual defense for the wheels, but it is necessary to put a soldier and this unit becomes a fast car with a powerful machine gun on Board. But the most interesting, if the seat in the BMP of the engineer, it turns out REM-base on wheels, capable of a few seconds to patch up damaged equipment. Tank grizzly. Identical Soviet tank nosorog. The average price of armor and strength. The tank is a Mirage. Can turn into different objects. Expensive, good armour and average strength. Tank Apocalypse loses. Tank prism. Done as opposed to the tanks of the Apocalypse. Able to make a real mess, being in the company of 5-8 of their compatriots. It shoots far, the shots themselves are very powerful (used reflection system of other tanks to increase lethality). However, one-on-one loses even the Rhino tank. Is expensive and has poor armor, but it compensate high destructive power.Chromosomal. After collecting the minerals are able to move instantly to the plant. Otherwise identical to the Soviet harvester, except for the lack of any weapons on him.


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